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In the heart of our practice lies a simple, yet powerful belief: every child possesses a unique spectrum of potential. At Bloom and Grow Therapy, we're more than just therapists – we're dedicated guides on your child's journey towards personal growth and development. With a compassionate team of experts in Speech, and ABA Therapy, we don't just address challenges, we celebrate individuality and foster strengths.

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What our clients say about us,

"I felt she had a powerful understanding of my daughter."

'My 2 year old daughter with ASD and speech delay started with Bloom & Grow 4 months ago and in just 8 weeks I noticed a significant difference in my daughter’s ability to communicate as well as improvement in her overall behaviors. Nikki is our BCBA and in a few conversations, I felt she had a powerful understanding of my daughter. Nikki developed a well rounded program for her while collaborating with family on our primary goals. My daughter is coping better with transitions and her communication overall is much improved. Nikki helps us with potty training (so much success already!), food exposure, sleep issues, maladaptive behavior reduction, speech goals, gross and fine motor skills, and even swim lessons! Nikki is appropriate at making adjustments to the program based on my daughter’s response to the activity or objective. Nikki has impressive knowledge as a licensed behavioral analyst and her experience is evident when my child and I come to bumps in the road.


"Bloom and Grow is a fresh, motivated, educated and collaborative ABA + Speech Therapy Program and I’m so happy to have them help me navigate this life as a parent of an autistic child."

Malerie, our daughter’s speech therapist, has helped tremendously in improving my child’s communication. My 2 year old is mostly nonverbal with occasional words that are not consistently there. Malerie started us on an unofficial AAC device (we bought a mini iPad and put a $50 talking assistance software on it). I was nervous my daughter would have a hard time picking up the device but Malerie, Nikki, and I collaborated as we introduced it to her and now she’s thriving and communicating with it well! She’s able to label colors, farm animals, and shapes. She is able to tell us when she wants food, drink, toys, potty, sleep, and this takes a lot of guessing out of what she wants which is one of the hardest thing with a nonverbal child. Malerie has a good flow in speech sessions as she focuses on play based learning, allowing her to maximize her opportunities to target speech effectively.


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