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Bloom and Grow Therapy Center provides Speech & Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to children. We set ourselves apart from other centers by providing an experience right when you walk through our front doors! Our therapy services use humanistic & holistic approaches by placing the children’s interests & family goals at the foundation of treatment.

The Road to Where We Are Today

Background & History

Today, ABA and Speech therapy is widely recognized and employed as a leading intervention for individuals with communication delays, autism, and other developmental and behavioral challenges. Many companies have grown into larger corporations spread throughout the country, allowing services to be readily accessible.

Evolving Landscape

Inclusive Healthcare

While many ABA and Speech therapy companies have grown into large corporations, and have long-standing traditional practices, Bloom and Grow Therapy Center stands apart as a clinician-owned and operated organization. Our commitment to being clinician-owned means that we prioritize the individualized and compassionate care that only experienced therapists can provide. By staying true to our roots and putting the needs of our clients first, we create a nurturing and tailored environment for meaningful progress and positive outcomes.

In the wake of Blue Cross Blue Shield's decision to eliminate age limits for ABA services, it is important to acknowledge that many companies may find themselves unprepared for this significant change, primarily due to long-standing, traditional practices and policies.

This shift in coverage underscores the pressing need for organizations to adapt, embrace innovation, and ensure that their services are aligned with the evolving landscape of inclusive healthcare.

Team Qualities

Our Values


We strive for inclusivity while being a positive voice and influence in the area.


We establish strong bonds though trust, shared interests and holistic approaches.


We maintain interdisciplinary teamwork, gather parent input and provide help with carry over of skills.


We keep to our promises and always have the child’s best interests at heart.

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